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ok.. so i had decided the next post would be a questionnaire but after careful consideration (and unkindly remarks about the nature of the qnaire by oz) i have changed the questions. i'm not in the city for the next 7 days. so you ppl can have a field day coming up with bizarre answers to the questions:

Where am i?

Why am i there?

if you are so kicked about answering them that you don't want it to end at two questions you can go right ahead and make up your own questions and answer them. :p

PS - there you go TQ, dumb Qs enough na?

4 Responses to “Guess?”

  1. # Blogger Oz

    it doesn't interest me where you are and why you are there.
    i want to know if you can find completeness in every moment of your dreams and waking life..
    -- ears get grated again-- man !! this Oriah virus spreads fast.  

  2. # Blogger autogato

    Where am I and why am I there?

    Hm. Good one. stimulates thought. I'm in life, trying not to be stuck where I am. Why? School. Just trying trying trying not to get stuck.  

  3. # Blogger sou

    @ oz - ooh.. now you are a poet who grates his own ears with his words :P

    ok ok.. its was a good line

    @ autogato - stuck. yeah.. i can so relate to that. all i seem to have been doing the past 3 years of my life is "wait".. (yeah i do live in fits and bursts but mostly i've been put "on hold" by life)  

  4. # Blogger mcx

    Where am I ?hmm...I am buried in me waiting to be found by the prospectors of fate. Now why am i there? Cause i am too lazy dig myself out. : )  

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