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Cave Story #2

Reminiscences and Ratings

50% peace

There was a lake. There were hammocks. There was a long winding walking track through a farm. There was a small strip of pebbles with water on them. There was clean green air. Time stands still there. Awesome!

20% weird

People. People from weird countries. People with weird backgrounds. People with weird shapes. People with weird attitudes.

Place. Place full of weird sayings. Place full of weird treatments. Place of weird foods. Place full of water coolers and toilets.

15% relaxing

Oil massages, hot baths, swimming pools, hammocks, evenings by the lake, nights of sudoku, crosswords, and novels.

10% tiring

Running around to ensure you are on time for yoga class, treatments, physiotherapy, food. Running up the stairs to the room on the second floor to get stuff. Running all across the campus to get to places.

5% boring

Ok its 7:00 pm so what next? Ermm… nothing really! Just some dumb lectures, kiddie movies or plain old TV.

5% funny

Funny coz you get to laugh at all the weird things of that place. Laughter therapy was a gas! (laughing at the ones who are doing it that is..) Laughing at the weird sayings (they deserve a post of their own) Laughing at the weird accents and attempts of the yoga instructors to stimulate relaxation in us.

*sigh* that place truly was something...

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