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Immune to Life

Ever screwed up at work in the dumbest way possible and felt the shock of:

a) Challenging your self-image of being a responsible person?
(how could I be so dumb? Did somebody meddle with my comp?
Was I sleeping thru the job with my eyes open? Why oh
why did I not take a back up!!?!?!? GOD! how can u be so unkind to me..)

b) Reworking all the stuff again? (GAH...!)

c) Answering your supervisor why the screw up happened ?
(.. umm well.. its just that I have really latent "duh" genes
that surface once in a while and screw up my life but
otherwise I'm a very responsible professional..*sheeepish grin*)

We face so much stress at the work place ... not unlike that IBM ad where a s/w guy collapses thinking he has lost data.. makes you wonder if facing the 'real' stressors of life such as a calamity, losing a loved one, or screwing up in life (having wronged a person) will or can elicit the required shock from us.

Present day workplace = Immunity to life?

PS: This post was mainly about the scenarios faced in s/w companies. If your are an investment banker and u screwed up at your workplace and are facing some jail time then the shock indeed is justified. But such a disproportionate response to losing digital 0s and 1s..?

PPS: These thoughts arose when I watched the shell-shocked expression on a colleague's face (the colleague thought some data was lost ... which was later recovered)

12 Responses to “Immune to Life”

  1. # Blogger kim

    hey, i just found your compliment to the poem on my blog. thank you. i like your thinking too, the way you are drawing parallels between opposites.
    i do similar a thing with the words i choose to spin. i start with one word representing a fixed idea and unravel it to illustrate a bigger picture.  

  2. # Blogger Harish Sivaramakrishnan

    The Computer conked? Poor you!  

  3. # Blogger sou

    @ deen - ya love ur posts (tho some of them fly waaaay above my poor brain)

    @ harish - illa da.. no comp of mine dare conk out on me. Read PPS.  

  4. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

  5. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    yeah but u didnt choose any options
    so no new posts till then..hee hee

    dont want a bunch of men getting overly excited everytime i post sth like the post i posted...

    pls say "ayoo karma! ayyo trauma" to phreak6. it has to be said in a pucca porki payyan style....

    its a long story that i will tell u guys later


    ooh btw..saw chicken little....soooooooooo cute.....got hooked onto the work "patita"...so wanna hear u say it...go see off the movie...  

  6. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    misssssssssssssing u da



  7. # Blogger Tweety

    ha ha ha, u r so funny !
    I like reading your posts :)  

  8. # Blogger phreakv6

    sups u were trying to be sarcastic right ?  

  9. # Blogger sou

    @ sups - thanks a lot! i explored ur blog too.. interesting.. waiting for it to grow :)

    @ phreak - ha! just coz i get comments and u don't.. green doesn't suit u :P  

  10. # Blogger phreakv6

    me writes stuff that goes above mortals like u..
    i dont expect comments.. :)
    check out the visitor stats and tha page rank and stop ranting.  

  11. # Blogger Tweety

    Seriously phreak...do you have any friend who actually supports you?..you seem to be picking silly fights in everyone's blogs.
    You Blog mein Janwar ;-)  

  12. # Blogger phreakv6

    sups u dunno abt these ppl...
    dont support them..
    support me... me only paavam.. :-(

    yeh jaanwar wala world hain
    me only log hain

    good hindi attempt no..  

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