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Reality... shaken and stirred ...God?

Across civilizations, time, space, people have tried to realize something higher than themselves by trying to alter what is accepted as common consensus reality.

Why is it easier to believe in God when your not 'normal'?
  1. Submerging in cold water = being born anew. Baptism, ganga nahana, morning prayers in water.
  2. Masochistic acts = finding pleasure in pain, making oneself pure for god. Flagellation, walking on coals etc.
  3. Repetitive movements = lulls you into a state of higher consciousness. Twirling (sufi saints), raising one's hands/clapping/and moving one's body up and down or side to side
    (most common whether its bhajan mandalis or zealous afro church prayer group)
  4. Consuming mind-altering substances
  5. Starving oneself
  6. Isolating oneself for long periods of time (especially in cramped small places)

The list goes on...

6 Responses to “Reality... shaken and stirred ...God?”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  2. # Blogger Arul Prasad

    awww! I was expecting a simple '..squeek..' and this post is soo hard to grasp!

    hmm.. might be the "11:44 PM, still awake" syndrome, I believe...

    Oh yea, I got the "no dinner yet" syndrome to add too!!!

    Meanwhile, this post stirred my brain, and a TV program that i watched long time ago, when i was still in college got loaded into my main memory. It was a physchiatrist's lecture about 'God'. I'll write in detail about it sometime. Now let me try to go get something to eat!  

  3. # Blogger Arul Prasad

    believe me, I deleted the comment once, and added it again, just to see "comment deleted" title in there!


  4. # Blogger phreakv6

    Who doesnt beleive in god ?.Everyone does
    when they are young.They stop beleiving
    when they start thinking.They think to
    acquire knowledge or 'Jnana'.It almost
    always takes them in a differant path where
    they beleive only in 'Jnana' and not
    devotion or 'bhakti'.But apparantly only
    those who find that both are interlocked
    are truly intelligent.So when you are normal
    you are thinking normally,so you would not
    beleive in god.Its also dumb to beleive
    just because you are asked to.
    You wake you subconscience when you
    do any of the stuff that you have
    mentioned.. that kinda takes u closer to
    god cuz u stop thinking.  

  5. # Blogger sou

    Hmmm.. thought without devotion actually takes you away from God and stopping the thinking process takes you closer. interesting...

    So don't u blame me for not thinking ok.. i'm just trying to find God :P  

  6. # Blogger QuickSilver

    That’s because people sense confinement, living as normal humans. The five (sometimes six) senses are not enough for them to understand the paranormal phenomenon. They try to do odd things to break away from those shackles and please god. As if god needs to be pleased.

    And also sometimes, anything, in the name of religion is normal.  

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