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What have you been recently?

I'm a witch who has the powers of a sorcerer :) Oh! and I've also been the only female werewolf and I could kickass (..and they wonder why crappy fiction sells so well!!) Some other things I've been include a philosopher/saint, a poet, an autistic 15 yr old boy, and a Kashmiri assassin!

What have you been recently?

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  1. # Blogger phreakv6

    i had been saving earth from the creatures of mars last year.. but now i am just eating
    dosa and tomato chutney and putting a tummy
    waiting for my next assignment  

  2. # Blogger phreakv6

    oh btw.. i was talking abt doom3 and not abt any book.  

  3. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    i was fluffy the creep slayer for a long time
    fluffy wore a pink frock and pink ribbons and slayed creeps with her annoying temper!

    actually i wanted to be all buffy-like cool, but my roomie morphed my vision so bad, i had no choice but to play along :(  

  4. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    other things/places i have been
    - an astronaut
    - a voyager on the starship enterprise
    - a freaky looking alien
    - a really hot teacher (like the one on channel [v])teaching a bunch of really hot dumb men
    - ok k sorry for grossing u out..
    - a sushi eating japanese!
    - a powerpuff girl!
    - a politician ;)

    wvc: cwity
    -see i'm witty!  

  5. # Blogger chamki

    i have been a sleazy secretary
    a waitress at a french cafe
    mind you its french!

    I have been a linguist who saves the world with her super power-- language!

    i have been drama queen
    i have been master of disguise
    i have been sonny chiba- sidekick to master yo, bright eyed bangalore boy who is a kungfu flick hero
    i have been super depressed druggie
    i have been suicidal
    i have been hormonally happy recently
    i have been the smart kid at school,who just appears smart and never gets the marks..
    i have been little miss muffet
    i have been chamko rani
    i have been flower power girlie
    well... thats it.. just that much  

  6. # Blogger autogato

    a stressed student!

    I appreciate the comment you left regarding feminism on my blog. From what you describe, we are tryuly lucky to even have the opportunity to be discussing these topics. However, I wish that women here realized how precious it is. Because, like you were saying, women could be assaulted for dressing a certain way where live. So I appreciate that we have the freedom. I think it's wonderful! I just wish that people would exercise that freedom with more judgment and thought to the message that they are portraying to men and women's value.  

  7. # Blogger sou

    @ phreak - hey tomato chutney hero.. why don't u go save the world or sth.. i've heard its good exercise!

    @ trauma queen - kick ass name!! you've been a politician! :O

    @ chamki - "sonny chiba- sidekick to master yo, bright eyed bangalore boy who is a kungfu flick hero" hahahahahaa... what is thaaaaat?? :D

    oh you guys must read this post:

    Feminism is Changing - Let's Take It Back  

  8. # Blogger Tweety

    I've been a 60 year old for sometime with a temporary memory loss syndrome. Well I may be continuing to be so.  

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