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Venus Vs. Mars #1

What is it with men and communication?!

Apart from having a huge database of monosyllabic replies and grunts, they don't pay any attention to any conversation unless its something that interests them where they can dominate the conversation.


RUDE..as in.. socially incorrect in behavior, lacking in refinement civility or good manners.

What goes thru their mind anyway.. that some sounds strung together if remotely related to the hazy main topic of conversation must make sense and satisfy the unfortunate female talking to them???

And they wonder why we women "analyse" each conversation so much!! well... I guess coz we expect a conversation to have a logical beginning, middle, and an end and we are left flabbergasted why the seemingly intelligent man has so much trouble following a simple linear progression of ideas/opinions/statements.


26 Responses to “Venus Vs. Mars #1”

  1. # Blogger phreakv6

    whats funny is that the apparantly "intelligent woman" cant understand that the
    "dumb man" is pulling her leg all thru the
    conversation by pretending he cant understand a thing..
    and now this post...
    god save martians

  2. # Blogger sou

    Well.. it's true that our conv was the trigger for this post but I wrote it to address a constant bane a lot of women have to deal with..  

  3. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    and for some strange reason..these very same men get offended when i say 'ok bye' in what they think is the 'middle' of a conversation..but for me..is the end of a worthless conversation where I'd rather say 'bye' than pretend to listen

    and ppl say I'm rude...

  4. # Blogger Tweety

    Tell me about it!
    I hope to see lot more of this Venus Vs. Mars series.  

  5. # Anonymous jedi


  6. # Blogger sou

    @ tvnmcb - you should get these men and their conversational skills on tape and replay their "rudeness" back to them when they complain abt u being rude :P

    @ tweety - you bet u'll see more of them! :)

    @ jedi - was that "eh!" the sound of indifference or a typo when you were actually typing "he" which i'm assuming is short for "heehee" ??  

  7. # Blogger chamki

    have you been here?
    i think u should check stuff here, i went there but im not as good as you..

  8. # Blogger autogato

    Yes, sometimes I've wondered if they hear something along the lines of the "mwa mwa mwa" uttered by the teacher in all those old Charlie Brown cartoons.

    Not only are women's brains remarkably equipped to analyze, but, as you stated, sometimes it's necessary in order to glean a kerner of meaning out of the grunts.  

  9. # Blogger Roy

    Hi…I’m Roy, just start the journey in the blog-world. New..... so learning the tricks by peeping in others blog without any prior permission (sorry for that!!).

    venus vs mars or...venus compare to mars..no, no, its not my opinion...its my query..!!

    Heii, why not take a look to my blog: (http://comeonroy.blogspot.com/) & tell me where I need to improve. Most important, maybe you can also get something new & interesting stuff…..maybe!!
    Hoping to hear you..

  10. # Blogger sou

    @ chamki - yes i had been to george's blog once before. Can't really comment on his posts coz i find them a li'l too American (context)... and yes i read ur comment :) (the old one and the new one)

    @ sb - "mwa mwa mwa" LOL .. yes tht's what i think they hear!  

  11. # Blogger aneesshh

    in the defence of our kind,

    we are born to use the managerial tool of opportunity cost at all times...  

  12. # Blogger sou

    @ roy - it was very polite of you to apologize for peeking in to my blog.. but its kinda taken for granted that you are allowing strangers to peek in when you make your blog a public one.

    Also, there is no "right" or "wrong" or "improvement" in blogging... just express yourself in whatever form you want, words, songs (you can upload music files), pictures.. have fun!

    @ aneesshh - hmmmm....  

  13. # Blogger madCritic

    Are you a feminist??  

  14. # Blogger autogato

    Thanks so much for the comment that you left on my blog> i think you'd make a fabulous student of psychology, particularly after reading some of your blog posts, especially this one.

    Please stop by more! Your comments are insightful and thought provoking.  

  15. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    so many comments since i last stepped in...
    how it goes?
    i quite liked george's blog
    wvc: tjynya = tgi and narnia?
    wokay..im game :))))  

  16. # Blogger sou

    @ madcritic - well.. if i told you i had lotsa bones to pick with the womankind just as i do with the men will u call me a sociopath?

    @ sb - thank you for being so generous with ur compliment .. if there was a misty-eyed, blushing, beaming smiley i'd insert tht here..

    ..and I am (was) a student of psychology :)

    @ chitty - wht's tgi? u have to come home and have chocolate fudge tht my dad made! (wht's with our fathers and their sudden interest in making deserts!)  

  17. # Blogger Nonedone

    Don't exploit a cliché! We men try really hard, we do, but talking to a woman is like trying to juggle fireballs while being covered in kerosene.

    Besides, men who have women are too obsessed with the size of their venus, while women just wish they'd have a mars candy bar every now and then.  

  18. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    whats wrong with nandan (nonedone)??
    he talks about 'dont exploit a cliche' and succumbs to doing so himself :P  

  19. # Blogger Nonedone

    "he talks about 'dont exploit a cliche' and succumbs to doing so himself :P"

    That was the joke!  

  20. # Blogger phreakv6

    trolls trolls everywhere

    juvenilia,bad jokes,tasteless nonsense.. grow up kids.. from trying to provoke outrageous responses or attention through idiosyncratic comments..

    chitty dont reply to these kinda crappy comments..  

  21. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    aunty tgi is tgif....
    what ra?!

    and yeah/...whats with dad's turning into moms?? i mean it in a nice way :)

    hmmmmmmmm..maybe that should be ur next blogpost...

    wvc: qodkglk
    "god these kg...lkg types!!"  

  22. # Blogger autogato

    any venus vs mars communication difficulties on V-day?  

  23. # Blogger sou

    No no.. venus had anticipated disaster and ample measures were taken to ensure it would be a perfect day!

    Shamelessly stating how you expect to be treated and what you will need/want on a particular day in a matter of fact tone can really help some days go smoothly! :)  

  24. # Blogger George

    I'm glad to see that Indian men and American men have something in common. Yes many times I'm bored by female conversation. Why? b/c it's simply boring. The things that interest women are really not of interest to me.

    I work with twelve women at a hospital and most of their conversations are about weddings and clothes and hairstyles, and men. Things women enjoy talking about.

    If you want to "talk" to a man and get his attention, ask him his opinion. If you want to be heard, hire a therapist. Or take your best girl friend to dinner.

    I like this blog! Hi chamki!  

  25. # Anonymous jedi

    nay. twas eh? i like monosyllables. simplistic-vague-to the point. best part is that it is open to interpretation. makes life more complex-more fun at the end of the day.
    - indifference?!
    - acro for hehe
    - beaten to death topic
    - whats ur point
    - what the fuck are u talking about
    - i dont understand all this. please poke a pencil through my ears
    - who is venus and mars
    - all the other keys dont work  

  26. # Blogger sou

    @ george - glad u like my blog. That said..

    "..weddings and clothes and hairstyles, and men. Things women enjoy talking about." :O

    I am quite sure I'm a typical woman.. and yet I haven't posted a single thing on any of the things these "women" seem to enjoy talking about..

    How can you buy the stereotype pop media sells you or are the women u are around sold on it?

    @ jedi - i quite like the "poke a pencil thru my ears" interpretation.. which one wud u prefer "natraj" or "camlin"? :)  

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