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Keep it going...

Sorry I can't move on.. I don't want to move on..

Story after story .. blog after blog... I can't help but wonder.. why have we women kept quite for so long?? How easy will it be for us to forget about the token gesture we made for the blogathon.. and be content in convincing ourselves "our work is done" "I did what I could" ... well you could always wait to do something more the next time you are abused.. but do you want to wait for that unfortunate moment to make your next contribution??

Keep blogging about this.. keep increasing the circle of bloggers who are aware that blank noise project exists so we can make a co-ordinated effort to start something that will make a lasting impact.

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  1. # Anonymous jedi

    think about it. what are the possible 'something's. laws banning eveteasing? already exist. introduction of courses in school about such topics.. could be done. but in a space where the media propagates and showcases and brands women like item girls and item songs, and the heroines join in the essentialyl eve-teasing hero and friends dance, and even falls in love with him by the end of it. what really can be done?

    what happens to convicted rapists? they are sent to jail for 7 years and left out after pleas. it happening to someone far away doesnt really click in our heads. cut the dick or hand of the perpetrator? like they do in Saudi. well. will it happen here?

    forgive me, but my cynicism grows day by day.
    hoping for the best.  

  2. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    at the risk of sounding too cliched, im going to say this:

    what can really be done?
    a LOT can be done. Just talking about this and spreading the awareness can be done. Post the blank noise blogathon, i KNOW for a fact how moved ever so many women and men are...i only wish all of you could have attended the fabulous meeting we had on sunday..all we did was talk,..analyse things from so many points of view...discuss the good stuff and the flipside of it all

    but i can promise you, that even though there were only fifteen people in that room, they all left changed, and charged to spread the word, and most importantly..the spirit

    please dont be a cynic....think of the future generation, we owe this to them!  

  3. # Blogger sou

    very valid point jedi.. and yes i'm fighting a huge battle with the cynic in me too.. unfortunately since i happen to be a woman (who knows she can be and will be abused many times in the years to come) i cannot say "hope things will change but how can talking about it help" with the same sense of ease and laid back air that most men and some women can. (no offense to them.. i do understand that it is not an immediate reality to them therefore difficult to relate to)

    To just give you an example..

    We can approach the local police stations and maybe garner the help of a lawyer and get a harassment cell going.. or a help line.. these are the somethings that will work only if there are a certain number of people..

    Imagine how stupid it would be if you are an individual and you approach the police to create a cell for harassment.. imagine how seriously they would take you if 10,000 people sign a petition to request that cell.

    There are a lot of 'somethings' that can be done.. changing society attitudes takes decades but there are a lot of things that can push the change to atleast start taking place.  

  4. # Anonymous jedi

    sou,trauma queen.
    i agree, but all i have to follow is history. nothing has ever changed. yes the negros became citizens and afro-americans- women can become bishops, but prejudices still exist and will continue. just that i really dont see anything happening. in a age where a bomb being found in a railway station holds our attention for a minute before we switch to watch american idol. information overload, desensitized youth, no time for all this, regressives state and political policies. women should dress down. dont work after 9. all that bullshit. give them 33% reservation. why 33? what about 50?

    my cynicism will stay intact until this topic moves out of the blogs and into the real world.
    the last blanknoise meeting was held i dont know where. mails had to be sent to discover when and where.
    if we hide and talk about a cause, whats the fucking point.

    i have mail the IBN network about this. lets see if it gets picked up.

    hope we can all do our bit  

  5. # Blogger Trauma Queen


    you have a point..no doubt..
    you are entitled to your opinions, even your cynicism.

    but all said n done, im surprised with the ease with which u spoke of 'negros' becomng citizens and afro-amro women becoming bishops...and sidelining it in a trice...sure prejudices exists..but you think struggles end overnight? u think its easy??

    you n i have only heard less than a quarter of all the struggles and stories for an entire race of people to get BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS...of COURSE ITS NOT EASY...nothing is!

    but do you think they let their cynicism stop them?? sure it challenges us, makes us question our dreams...but must it STOP US?? sure after a few months people may not even care about this...but does it stop us from thinking and trying to do our bit?

    at least be appreciative of those who try to affect change..who try not to give up...

    and thanks for mailing ibn  

  6. # Anonymous jedi

    @trauma queen:
    i am not sidelining struggles. It is just that i am sick and tired of people who just.. oh never mind.

    just one thing. i thought i posted this before.. 'think of the future generation..' i would rather it be think of us now. we start it for ourselves. the future generation can take care of itself or atleast pick up from where we start.

    another issue with struggles- the lack of the bigger picture.. the jessica lal case.. the entire country was up for justice. required yes, but i would have been thrilled to bits if it were for juidicial reforms too and not just raving for someone's blood. i almost did a somersault when i heard the sonia gandhi news. one thing leads to another but our focus as a collective is ..  

  7. # Anonymous jedi

    @sou: hope is the recourse of the passive and the helpless. i'd rather i generated some energy and direction.  

  8. # Blogger sou

    hmm.. nope.. hope is where it all starts.. if i don't have any hopes that i can effect any change then why will i bother..

    so i was thanking you for buoying my hopes which will indeed give me the energy..  

  9. # Anonymous jedi

    :) go girl go.  

  10. # Blogger autogato

    Don't move on, and don't apologize for not moving on. It means something, so keep right on writing about it until there is no need to write any longer. If your readership doesn't like it, they don't have to read it. But my guess is they do like it because it makes a difference. Even the smallest things that help to raise awareness of that kind of bullshit women put up with is definitely worth it.  

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