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Help or Ignore?

As part of the blanknoise project blogathon:

#1 - I just had a conversation with a friend about dowry. Yes, it happens.. not in obscure rural regions, not in poor uneducated pockets of society. It happens in highly educated, urban families. If money (and/or other tangibles) are given without the groom or his family asking for it.. does it make it something other than dowry?? Are you guilty of having accepted dowry in any form?

#2 – I heard this news two nights ago. Meher Bhargava was shot coz she tried to raise her voice against four drunken men who passed lewd comments on her daughter-in-law.

#3 – I had the misfortune of meeting a person who opined it is not that easy to rape a woman.. therefore women who are raped must be co-operating with these men who commit the act.

# 4 – Some women are “allowed” to work provided they can also manage the house chores.

# 5 – Many parents do not like their daughters studying a lot as it makes them too “independent”. God forbid they should think for themselves!

#6 – Many urban parents push their daughters to study well just so it looks good on their matrimonial portfolio.

These are just a few… too few…

So what can you do about it?

If you are a woman, you can start by sensitising the men around you. Needn’t be on a grand scale, just your father, brother, boyfriend, husband, best friend, son will do. Be aware of your surroundings. Take responsibility for your safety.

If you are a man, be aware of the trauma women go through because of the callousness of men. More importantly, understand that the answer is not imposing rules on women. Even women who cover themselves head to toe and have the most docile demeanour get teased and raped and abused. You can start by changing your attitude to eve teasing. No woman “asks” to be humiliated, abused, and teased. No woman.

Finally, women’s day should be about pampering women… do something nice for the women you know.

7 Responses to “Help or Ignore?”

  1. # Blogger Trauma Queen

    did someone even DARE to think #3?

    i'm in shock....

    i now someone who recently walked out of her house due to option #5, and I'm very very proud of her.  

  2. # Blogger phreakv6

    lets start a blank noise fund to kill

  3. # Blogger Tweety

    #3 #3 #3
    blood boiling...temper raising...somebody stop me!  

  4. # Blogger Tweety

    am back again...couldn't stop thinking about it.
    By the way, the A^%H&^$# who said this to you...ask him how many times he attempted it to come to that conclusion. I am sure he'd have got kicked in the nuts. Jackass  

  5. # Blogger sou

    Hey Sups.. we (blank noise) are meeting up on sunday evening.. interested?  

  6. # Blogger Tweety

    Sure :)
    thanks for the invite.
    Where & wat time?
    Also need an intro to blank noise.  

  7. # Blogger Incognito

    "More importantly, understand that the answer is not imposing rules on women."

    so true.  

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